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Your Workplace Reality

You are feeling unappreciated, frustrated, stressed, not heard, unchallenged and stuck in your current job.

You see that others less qualified are being promoted, there is no room for you to grow or the company has changed direction and you are feeling the pressure.

You know that “job security” has been virtually eliminated and that no one is helping you to plan your career.

But, how do you start, what is the next move and how do I find mentors & a sponsor/champion.

Build Your Better Future

The proven number one strategy for advancing your career is the implementation of Authentic Self-Promotion.

Maureen’s definition of Authentic Self-Promotion is communicating clearly your unique strengths and achievements to others and your superiors. Not by bragging, not being pushy and not being annoying (bothering people). Rather, being able to answer the question:

Why you should choose to:

  • Hire me
  • Give me a raise
  • Promote me

Maureen can help.

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