Hello, I’m Maureen McKinnon, an Executive Leadership Coach. My MISSION is to increase the number of women in leadership roles to help balance leadership gender equity.

Coaching is focused on helping talented women get promoted into leadership roles and increasing their compensation.  Which, I feel with the current crisis and emerging “new normal” for life and work is more important NOW.

You want a promotion, you want a raise, and you want to make an impact.

You are ambitious and aren’t afraid of hard work but feel frustrated with the lack of upward momentum.

McKinnon Executive Coaching provides the guidance for your career journey between where you are and the promotion you want.

The McKinnon Executive Promotion Strategy has three phases:

• Create Rock-solid Self-confidence

• Build Strategic Relationships to increase Your Credibility

• Increase Your Visibility to Decision Makers

Aim higher in your executive career by building a solid foundation with McKinnon Executive Coaching.

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