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Your Workplace Reality

You are feeling unappreciated, frustrated, stressed, not heard, unchallenged and stuck in your current job.

You see that others less qualified are being promoted, there is no room for you to grow or the company has changed direction and you are feeling the pressure.

You know that “job security” has been virtually eliminated and that no one is helping you to plan your career.

But, how do you start, what is the next move and how do I find mentors & a sponsor/champion.

Build Your Better Future

The proven number one strategy for advancing your career is the implementation of Authentic Self-Promotion.

Maureen’s definition of Authentic Self-Promotion is communicating clearly your unique strengths and achievements to others and your superiors. Not by bragging, not being pushy and not being annoying (bothering people). Rather, being able to answer the question:

Why you should choose to:

  • Hire me
  • Give me a raise
  • Promote me

Maureen can help.

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Maureen really cares about the people she works with, and follows up months after they complete her programs. She believes that part of her role is to reflect back to her clients the talented professional she sees (think mirror) until they can see their talented self in their mirror. She helps them through the process to discover, know, accept, believe, and own your value.

Vancouver tends to operate like a small town, and Maureen knows that often it’s about who you know, not so much what you know. In business, each industry is itself a small community that also, operates on it’s about who you know and not what you know.  People like to ask for a recommendation from people they know – like – trust, if they know anyone who could fill a role that is or will be vacant. This is the basis for the “hidden job market”

She has been a contributing member of the Vancouver business community for several decades, and is very well connected. Her personal network is an iconic version of what she helps clients develop.

Maureen is a natural teacher whose coaching style is caring and supportive. The foundation of her services is knowing who you are and what you want, which to her is a natural part of life that she shares with clients.

She teaches people how to discover – know – accept -believe – OWN IT!


If you are ready to move to the next level and are not sure of the steps, Maureen gives you a career assessment that invites you to a self-evaluation, so the coaching is customized to your situation.

During her programs and private coaching, she provides you with personalized answers and information as she teaches you to practice Authentic Self -Promotion and how to make your personalized strategic career plan happen.

Maureen looks forward to helping you move ahead on your career path. With Maureen as your personal cheerleader and confidante, you can soon be moving towards a better career.

Maureen helps highly capable career professionals prepare for and fulfill much needed roles in leadership and forge successful careers at mid to large sized companies. She understands and knows, through experience, that reaching senior organizational levels involves people – it’s about communication, authentic self-promotion, and the ability to inspire respect through strategic relationships.

Through coaching programs, private coaching and public speaking, Maureen personally helps professionals achieve a greater level of career success and realize their full potential to contribute their leadership to public and private business sectors.

Maureen is passionate about results, and helping people achieve more successful careers. She doesn’t just think outside of the box – to her, there is no box. She likes to push the bar higher, and enjoys developing strategies that move the ball down the field.