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With so many people laid off and let go during the COVID 19 pandemic, I want to reach out by sharing some basic information about the hiring process to refresh and possibly reframe their job search.

5 Main Questions for Employers

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Why do you want to work with our company?
  3. Will you love the job and stay?
  4. Can we tolerate working with you?
  5. Do you have the right attitude?

The job posting is the employer wish list:
“I wish we could find a person who has all this knowledge, skill sets, responsibilities, and experience so they can step in and do the job immediately.”

Please note: this rarely actually happens!


Which is why they interview several candidates who possess many of the wish list requirements but not all of them. They decide which requirements are the most important that the candidate of choice possesses and/or other qualities they would like to add to the team.

The Resume & Cover Letter

The Purpose of the resume & cover letter is to get the interview not the job.

The Resume:
The Resume is all about you.  Show casing your knowledge, skill sets, responsibilities, and experience to show that you can do the job

The Cover Letter:
The Cover Letter is all about them (The company you are applying to).  Highlighting why you want to work with them and what value you can bring to the job posted because you can do the job.

Job search strategies and the results at landing a job:

  • Job Boards 10%
  • Recruiters 20%
  • Hidden Job Market 70%

All job boards and most companies have Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  This means when you upload your resume, your resume is scanned by software, that in essence, is programmed to search your resume for the keywords in the job posting.  If the software does not find the required % of keywords, your resume is not passed on to a person. 

This is why people often feel that they are uploading their resumes into a “black hole” never hearing anything back.                         

To summarize: when you are building your resume, the content you want to share will answer the question:  Can you do the job? 

When creating your cover letter, share content to answer this question:
Why do you want to work with our company?

Note:  There are lots of free resources online to show you formats for ATS resumes to get better results.

Wishing you a successful job search!

My next post: Accessing the Hidden Job Market Basics.  

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