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About Maureen

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am Maureen and ready to guide executives and professionals with finding their voice and advancing in their careers with McKinnon Career Strategies’ proven leading strategy to advance careers – the implementation of Authentic Self-Promotion.

The essence is to communicate clearly your unique strengths and relevant achievements to others and your superiors.

The objective to advancing your career is to successfully market yourself to organizations and decision makers.

Each client has their own desired outcome based on where they are in their career, the current challenge or opportunity, the organization, their boss, their skill set, experience, achievements, professional network and what they desire in their careers.

Clients will identify what success means to them and how they will know (measure), when they have achieved their goal. They will also plan the celebration to mark reaching the milestone! I am passionate about results.

I help you to acquire the Talented Self Mindset – an absolute belief that you “can-do” the job. You will work through the process: discover, know, accept, believe, and own – your talented self!

My role is to reflect back to you, the talented person I see (think mirror) until you can see your talented self in your mirror. Talented professionals discover their unique strengths, gain clarity on their competitive edge, and learn how to communicate their value proposition.

Once you gain the confidence of their talented self, I assist you in gaining credibility and increasing your visibility, with a marketing strategy to promote themselves internally and externally to decision makers.

As a career strategist, I work with hundreds of professionals. I assist these professionals with career planning, creating action plans based around what they want to achieve in their careers to help them implement their strategies to successfully obtain their desired outcomes.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, I am eager to work with you, sharing the tools and knowledge to move forward.

Maureen McKinnon, M.Sc in Management

Mentoring and Coaching Experience

I have a passion for helping professionals advance their lives and most importantly, their careers. I have played the role of a mentor and expert to hundreds of professionals who successfully achieved their goals.

My experience includes:

Chair of the Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program – Vancouver Board of Trade for 2 years – 150 students and 150 business mentors each year
7 years: LOT Executive Committee and Business Mentor
3 years: Director Vancouver Board of Trade
10 years: Business Mentor – New Ventures Plan Contest
2015 Women in Leadership: Business Mentor – 3 Mentees | 1 Mentee
Informally helped over 50+ young men and women with their career planning

It has been a pleasure to work with all of these talented people. For the last 15 years, I have been able to watch these professionals grow and thrive. Each one is now creating a positive impact on the world.

Training and Instruction

From 2004 to 2005, I was a Marketing for Managers instructor at Langara College Continuing Studies.

I held a seat on the BCIT Program Advisory Committee for Industrial Marketing from 2006 to 2009.

I worked with Royal Rhodes University (Victoria) as an academic advisor for a Master’s degree student from 2003 to 2004.

Throughout the last 15 years, I have created, designed, and delivered hundreds of different workshops and presentations. Some of the presentation topics include:

EmploymentPersonal DevelopmentSocial Enterprises
MarketingCustomer ServiceEntrepreneurial

Founded a Recruiting Company

Previous to becoming a career strategist, with my partner, we founded a recruiting company. The recruiting company placed over 150 people into new jobs every year for five years. I have seen over 2,000 cover letters and resumes.

My role was to recruit employers and provide human resource and employment functions. Most of the employers were small and medium sized businesses. Many did not have a human resource personal and did the hiring themselves. I taught them the hiring process and interviewing skills. Once they had selected their new employee, I wrote and managed the first six-month training plan (onboarding) for the employers and the new employee.

The employer network that I established and managed comprised over 700 employers. I understand what employers are looking for through the hiring process to select a candidate. I know the four main questions that employers need to have asked correctly to HIRE!


I hold a Master of Science in Management Degree and a Master of Science in Financial Services. Both degrees were obtained from The American College located in Philadelphia, PA.  I am also a Certified Business Coach and Certified Executive Coach.

Associations & Affiliations

TEDx Stanley Park 2018Young Women in Business (YWIB) –
Business Mentor
Women’s Executive Network (WXN)Women in Leadership (WIL) –
Business Mentor
Women in Communication & Technology (WCTBC)BC Provincial Football Association
BC Lions WaterboysNew Venture Business Plan Content – Business Mentor

Co-Chair Vancouver Chapter Women in Leadership (WIL)
Host Organizing Committee IFAF Women’s World Football Championships
Director Langley Rams Football Club


Mentor Women in Leadership (WIL)
Mentor Young Women in Business (YWIB)

Chair Volunteer Training Grey Cup Festival
During Maureen's Career Span

Director Vancouver Board of Trade (VBOT)

Chair Leaders of Tomorrow Program (LOT) at VBOT

Director Wired Women Society

Career Coach for BC Football Conference (BCF)

2011 Chair Volunteer Training Grey Cup Festival
Instructor Langara College Continuing Studies
Executive Committee & Mentor Leaders of Tomorrow Program (LOT)
Advisory Committee BCIT Industrial Marketing

Mentor Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)
Academic Advisor Royal Roads University
Business Mentor New Ventures Business Plan Contest
Founder Recruiting Company

I have corporately sponsored the BC Football Conference (BCFC) – the junior league made up of six teams – McKinnon Player of the Game. I designed and delivered a workshop to the teams to help them learn job search skills. The workshop is called “Overview of the Hiring Game – How to Build Your Playbook to Get Hired!”

Working with Scott Ackles, General Manager of the 2011 Grey Cup Festival, Christine Nicolls, Manager of Volunteers, and the other Volunteer Committee’s Managers, I was the Chair for the Volunteer Orientation and Training committee. We were responsible to write the Volunteer Training Manual, handle the logistics for the training weekend, collect door prizes, and I delivered the training to the 500 volunteers.

During the 2014 Grey Cup Festival, I worked with Jamie Pitblado, the General Manager, Joy-Ann Lee the Manager of Volunteers, and the other Volunteer Committee’s Managers, I was the Chair for the Volunteer Orientation and Training committee. We were responsible for the logistics of the training weekend, collecting door prizes and I delivered the training to the 600 volunteers.

It has been my pleasure to have attended three Grey Cup Games in Vancouver and participated in two Grey Cup Parades.

I am very excited to be asked to be a part of the BC Provincial Football Association Host Organizing Committee for the International Federation American Football (IFAF) 2017 Women’s World Tackle Football Championships held in Langley June 24th – June 30th.   Six teams competed in the championships, USA defending the Gold Medal, Canada defending the Silver Medal, Finland defending the Bronze Medal and three teams first games, Australia, Great Britain, and Mexico.

There are 45 dedicated players in each team who will be lacing up their cleats, strapping on their shoulder pads, throwing on a helmet and hitting the field to play the game they love – tackle football.

It is a pleasure to support world class Women’s Sports!

Maureen in the Grey Cup Boardroom