Professional Network


“It’s not what you know – it’s who you know.”

Your professional network is an important cornerstone of your career advancement in the short-term and especially in the long-term. Often, it’s not what you know but rather it’s who you know and who knows you! There is a process involved in building a network. It’s not magical; it’s not for the reserved select few born with an inherent gift for being social. The process is establishing, nurturing & growing mutually beneficial relationships.

Developing a professional network increases your VISIBILTY and access to resources, time, information (industry trends/challenges), informal networks and people to assist you to achieve your goals.

Research has shown that people who have a strong professional network – their social capital tend to: receive larger bonus payments; find better jobs more quickly than others; receive a higher overall performance evaluation and get promotions early.


The Marketing Strategy for authentic self-promotion comprises the stages of being competent, confident, credible then being visible which leads to being elevated into a position of leadership or your desired outcome. The Career Advancement programs guide you through to the Credible stage. Now, your Talented Self requires a marketing strategy to promote you to your superiors and other decision makers.

The Build Your Professional Network is a Series (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) of Programs: Establish, Grow and Engage.

You will learn to build strategic relationships to increase the opportunities you receive. It’s about purposefully building your network to achieve your goals. These goals include establishing your support network; expand and nurture your relationships, gain access to informal networks, engage mentors and a sponsor (champion).

You know you’re being successful when people ask you for coffee, lunch, be on a panel, speak at a conference, or you get promoted, which reflects the value you bring to your network. Opportunities come to you, and you feel successful.



Level One – Establish Your Support Network – GAIN CREDIBILITY

The goal of the program is to establish your Credibility.

Everyone knows that first impressions affect how a person is perceived. The process actual starts before people meet – and is reflected in their confidence level and ability to interact. – Your Talented Self and Authentic Self-Promotion.

This 6 month program leads clients through the creation of a People Plan (a.k.a. Strategic Relationships Plan) which focuses on choosing and starting strategic relationships to build your support network internally in your organization and externally in your industry and community.

Level Two – Grow Your Professional Network – INCREASE CREDIBILITY

The goal of the program is to increase your Credibility.

Everyone benefits from establishing long-lasting productive business relationships with key stakeholders in an organization.

This 9 month program teaches clients how to create strategic business relationships that build your community internally and externally. Connecting is a cornerstone of a People Plan, learning how to make contact in a beneficial way that will build trust in a new relationship regardless of your personality type. Once relationships have been established, the next step is to build relationships that develop deep roots amongst your peers, your direct reports and executive team so you have career support and personal support for yourself and your ideas, recommendations, initiatives and programs.

Level Three – Engage Your Professional Network – GAIN VISIBILITY

The goal of the program is to establish and increase your Visibility.

Level 3 is a 12 months solid strategic training that teaches you how to establish, grow, nurture and engage business relationships to promote Your Talented Self and effectively leverage opportunities to advance your career.

Learn how to engage and support your network of mutually beneficial relationships. Using the Art of Asking & Receiving and the Principle of Reciprocity – be the first to give and practice “mutual exchange” the “good old give & take.”

Knowing who you are, Your Talented Self Mindset enables you to gain rapport with those around you and grow your corporate relationships. Part of strategically building your internal support network is the skill of reading the corporate political landscape to avoid challenges/conflict/sabotage/disasters.

You work toward building a reputation for making good things happen with successful financial results.


This is a custom designed plan built with components from the programs that I have created and what you want in your professional life. To strategically establish, grow and nurture your professional network.

You will gain a confidante, cheerleader, coach, and teacher to assist in your implementation.

An on-going private coaching relationship with me is the most effective way to get big results! Think years of expert career strategy, building strategic relationships, research, know-how, and tactical guidance.

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