Testimonials from Happy Clients

Jocelyn Lu
CEO – Marketing Consultant


I was looking for a job and needed to improve my job interview skills. I was getting the phone interviews but when it came down to the in-person interview, I needed help on how to demonstrate my skills and experience.

The results were amazing, not only did I increase my confidence in the in-person interviews, but I also turned the tables and started interviewing the employers to ensure if it fit what I wanted.

I even got a job offer right away after one of the interviews, but turned it down due to it being a 1 year temporary contract. I understood what I wanted and clearly demonstrated my skills and experience for the positions.

I really enjoyed the one-on-one interaction and I appreciated her time, dedication and commitment to help me improve my interview skills. I really felt important and supported!

I’d recommend this to others looking for coaching based on Maureen’s dedication and belief in her clients, she really takes the time to listen, support and help.


I decided to seek out a mentor/coach as I was wanted an outside point of view on what my next career step should be. I had been working for the same organization for four years. It was a great place to work and had provided me many great opportunities but I was having difficulty planning out my future and figuring out what the right next step for me was.

Maureen and I met about once a month for 8 months. She provided clear deliverables for our sessions and kept me accountable for my plans. Initially, she helped me communicate my strengths and position myself to offer these strengths to reach my career goals. As we started digging deeper into what I really wanted we realized that one of my top priorities was continuing my education. Maureen helped me evaluate educational programs to reach my career goals. Ultimately, we determined a Masters in Global Business offered through the University of Victoria was the best fit for me. Currently, I am enrolled in the program and am studying international business in Tokyo. Maureen took the time to get to know me apart from my career aspirations. By taking the time to learn my personal and professional goals she was able to really understand me and work with me to achieve my best results.

I would highly recommend Maureen. Without guidance and encouragement from her I would not be where I am today. Maureen not only helped me understand my goals, but helped me gain the confidence to pursue them. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Maureen and continue to see her as a trusted confidant.

Kyla Humphries
CENTRUM Graduate Business School

Nicole Daniels
Coach • Mentor • Boss • Champion


Before working with Maureen, I was a Communications student trying to figure out what to do with my degree and with my life. I had just completed a co-op term where I learned a great deal about the type of work that I didn’t enjoy and I decided to try a career in events and project management – something I had been doing socially and philanthropically for a decade.

When I first met Maureen, I was applying to work with her as a Project Coordinator. Little did I know though, while I would be working for Maureen, it was Maureen who would also work for me. Her role quickly evolved from employer to mentor and champion. That was 5 years ago and since, I feel as though my career has been fast tracked to success. One of the best lessons I learned from Maureen – the power of your network! In life, getting ahead is often about whom you know and being able to leverage the connections you have. It was a real-life lesson that I learned very early on.

I worked with Maureen professionally for about 8 months but continued to seek out her support and guidance well after our contract had ended. Maureen taught me a great deal about leadership, business, and the power of building a connected network. She advised me on many job applications and interviews, helping me practice and prep. She also counseled me while I was running for President for a small non-profit. I am proud to say that with her support, I was voted President, I learned something new every day while working with Maureen. She always has valuable bits of information, advice, and stories! The role of teacher comes very naturally to her. One thing I specifically appreciated – she also has an ability to see strengths and weaknesses in people that they often can’t articulate themselves. Like most young woman, it can be difficult for me to acknowledge how my experience translates to skills so it was challenging for me to show prospective employers that I was a qualified candidate.

Maureen could easily lay it out for me, “Nicole, you have experience doing X, Y, and Z – that shows A, B, C, skills and here’s how you can express that.” Working with Maureen is like holding up a mirror. She tells you all the things you do and don’t want to hear, but in a constructive and empowering way. I would absolutely recommend working with Maureen and I have before! Her program focuses on the core principles of building a career in any industry and surpasses any lesson taught in a university classroom. It’s about building character, knowing how to show the world your authentic self, giving and taking to leverage your network, and making a positive impact on your life and the lives of others. It’s a truly enriching experience. You’ll walk away with more than a new outlook and goal-strategy, you’ll also gain a friend in Maureen. I am now working at a Management level running an event venue. At 28 years old, I finally feel like I am where I should be.


Maureen was the hope I needed when I found myself in a career rut after leaving a secure managerial position in a successful education company. I wanted to start doing something I was passionate about.

Maureen helped me identify my strengths and encouraged me to believe in the skills I already had in my tool kit. She didn’t provide me with all the answers or push me in a certain direction, but acted as a guide to help me identify the careers I was drawn to.

She was a constant source of support, knowledge and resources. She is so well-connected in the city that she knows someone in every industry, and I credit this to her extensive professional background and charismatic personality.

I built confidence through working with Maureen and trusted her advice. Even after I completed working with Maureen, she still checks in with me to see how I’m doing. This is just the type of person she is.

If you are looking for a change or advice from someone with a wide range of experience, I strongly recommend Maureen a call.

Eden Hingwing
ABI Support Worker & Mental Health Volunteer

Carol Parnell
CEO – Ecotype Ca
Past President – Wired Woman Society


Maureen is an incredible coach! She is a catalyst who is committed to helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. I was at a crossroad, considering my options and looking for something more meaningful to do. Enter Maureen, armed with a set of tools, worksheets and questionnaires. Maureen coached me through the process of discovery and provided the support, inspiration and encouragement to chart a new path.
Through Maureen’s guidance I gained a new perspective and clarity of what I really wanted to do and how to get there. Maureen’s step-by-step process along with various assignments provided tangible results. She is committed to your success and her coaching style brings focus, clarity and accountability to the table. I highly recommend “Maureen’s method” as time well invested and I will continue to use what I’ve learned from Maureen’s coaching for years to come.
As a result, I’ve started a new chapter in my life… thank you so much Maureen!


Maureen took on the role of Manager, Volunteer Orientation & Training for the 700 volunteers. I knew from working with her during the 2011 Grey Cup Festival as the Assistant Manager of Volunteer Services that she “would work her magic.” I have personally witnessed the results she creates from her personal professional network. In 2011, she assembled a team of talented individuals from her network and they delivered in a big way. Her 2014 team delivered an even better volunteer experience.

Maureen’s delivery of the training to the volunteers, had the groups engaged, interacting, motivated to give their best to support the Grey Cup Festival, enjoy the festival experience (have fun) and make memories. They all left very clear their mandate was to deliver quality service as ambassadors for the Grey Cup Festival and the City of Vancouver.

I know that I was thrilled and all the volunteers attending the Sunday morning training session, Maureen had asked a respected and beloved BC Lions Centre – Angus Reid to speak to the volunteers. He was amazing and truly inspiring!

I respect that as the following speaker, Maureen did a wonderful job in keeping the motivated volunteers engaged during the actual training. We received many compliments on the 2014 training sessions and door prizes.

I can recommend Maureen in her ability to deliver a quality training workshop!

Joy-Ann Lee
Manager, Volunteer Services
2014 Grey Cup Festival